Florida-Seminole Sports Betting Compact Passes Legislature

The state legislature approved the Florida-Seminole sports betting compact last May 19. It would give the Seminole Indian Tribe a monopoly on sports betting for 30 years. Although the gaming compact got bipartisan support in the legislature, it would face several...

Louisiana Sports Betting Gets Approval

Louisiana sports betting is on its way, and lawmakers devised a plan to spend its tax revenues. Senator Rick Ward passed Senate Bill 142, which the Senate approved via a 33-3 vote. Next, he would work with other lawmakers to finalize the rules for sports gambling in...

More Tribes Inch Closer to Signing Washington Sports Betting Agreement

The State Gambling Commission first reached a tentative Washington sports betting agreement with the Tulalip, Kalispel, Snoqualmie, and Suquamish Tribes. However, several other tribes want to get into the sports wagering bandwagon. At present, the state has tentative...

Alabama Sports Betting and Casino Plan Stalls

The Alabama sports betting and casino plan stalled in the House of Representatives. Also, it looked like it would not pass this year. Governor Kay Ivey’s endorsement didn’t help the bill to progress in the legislative. According to House Speaker Mac McCutcheon, the...

Ohio Professional Sports Teams Support Legal Sports Betting Effort

A group of eight Ohio professional sports teams is supporting the legal sports betting effort. Also, they want to be part of the action. Lawmakers heard testimonies from the teams and other sports betting experts earlier this year. The lawmakers will use the...

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How Far will the Government be Allowed to go in Taking Americans Freedoms?

Federal, State, and Local Government Barney Fife's are Yanking Rights Away and Citizens are Begging for More Americans freedoms have been eroding from government overreach since the terrible tragedy of 9/11. The Federal Government was able to enact the Patriot Act...

COVID-19 and the Freedoms People Will Never Get Back

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic has turned Most Politicians Into Tyrants at Every Level The leaders in the United States States have lost their ever loving minds due to the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. This goes for the people in Washington D.C. to State Leaders and all...

Republican Party Sue over California Tax Return Law

The Trump crusade and Republican Party sue over California Tax Return Law on Tuesday.  This over another law requiring presidential contender to discharge their assessment forms to keep running in the state's essential, enactment that was planned for prying free...

Green Party wants Action on Gun Violence

After the latest mass shooting in the U.S., the Green Party Green Party wants Action on Gun Violence.  Thus, are calling for Congress to make quick and conclusive move following the terrible mass shooting on August 3.  The mass shooting that took place at the Cielo...

Via Bleacher Report: Just Some Kids from Northeast Ohio

        The "I Promise School" is a great story. Lebron James catches a lot of flack from people for no reason. What he has done with this school hopefully resonates around the country. Please enjoy the article. Remember school is more than...
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Green Party wants Action on Gun Violence

Green Party wants Action on Gun Violence

After the latest mass shooting in the U.S., the Green Party Green Party wants Action on Gun Violence.  Thus, are calling for Congress to make quick and conclusive move following the...

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