The Centennial Institute doesn’t want Proposition DD, which is the ballot initiative to legalize sports betting in the state. The Colorado conservatives said that legal sports wagering will damage the integrity of sports and bring in corruption to society.

Governor Jared Polis signed a bill into law that led to the inclusion of Prop DD in the November 5 ballot. The governor told a political forum that legal sports betting can bring it additional revenue to the state. At present, the state is looking at around $100 million in budget deficits.

However, Colorado conservatives from the Centennial Institute claimed sports betting damages the integrity of sports. Also, they said that people will wager on every shot, swing, score, and pitch. They described the activity as something evil and should be rejected.

Colorado Conservatives against Sports Betting

Colorado Conservatives Oppose Prop DD Sports Betting Ballot

The Centennial Institute was founded at the Colorado Christian University. Also, it is known as the think tank of the school. Its mission is to mobilize ideas on family, freedom, and faith to improve the future of the nation.

Despite conservatives’ opposition to sports betting, other groups support Proposition DD. These include ranchers, farmers, and local newspapers. Also, some of the state’s conservative lawmakers were part of making the sports wagering plan.

A PPH sportsbook analyst learned that Prop DD will give the state around $29 million in taxes from sports betting activities. Part of the proceeds will fund programs to preserve the state’s water future.

However, critics pointed out that around $10,000 or the total $403,000 donation to the Yes on DD campaign came from water conservation groups. Most of the amount came from the gambling industry.

Some sportsbook pay per head providers are certain that Prop DD will pass. However, sports betting will be limited to the casinos in the state. State regulators will launch online wagering on a later date.

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