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What's in the House Democrats' Stimulus Plan

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There is still no final plan with the assistance of the government during the pandemic. The stimulus bill is still being discussed, with both parties coming up with their own versions to be integrated later on. So far, here is what we have from house Democrats:

1. Stimulus checks- up to $1,400 per person (with additional conditions)

2. Unemployment assistance- can be extended up to 74 weeks 

3. Nutrition assistance- increase food stamps by 15%

4. Housing Aid- up to $10 billion to help people struggling with paying mortgages.

5. Tax credits- depends on conditions/requirements

6. Optional paid sick or family leave.

7. Education and Child care- budget to be allotted to help children get back to school.

8. Health Insurance subsidies and medicare (eliminate max income cap for 2 years)

9. Assistance for small businesses

10. state assistance

11. Vaccines and testing- more funds for testing, facilities for testing and vaccines

12. Minimum wage- to adjust the minimum wage to $15 at hour before 2025 (increase will be in stages)


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