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Bookie Updates – Louisiana Sports Betting in November Ballot  

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Voters get to decide in November whether to legalize Louisiana sports betting or not. It will be part of the ballot during the presidential election. However, some parishes will not have the option if local laws require at least a year of waiting time after the approval.

Lawmakers agreed to place the proposal on ballots. However, they haven’t set up the regulations and rules. As a result, they need to debate the regulatory framework. Also, they need to come up with taxing mechanisms for odd-number years.

The problem is that agreeing on the rules and regulations is not easy. In the past, some lawmakers opposed sports betting because they fear that problem gambling will increase in the state. However, some lawmakers argued that sports betting already exists illegally in the state. Thus, they are experiencing the bad things associated with the activity, but they do not get financial benefits.

Louisiana Sports Betting in the Ballot

Bookie Updates – Louisiana Sports Betting in November Ballot

According to bookie PPH reports, Mississippi is among Louisiana’s neighboring states with legal sports betting. The activity generated $8 million in the first two years of legalization. However, legalizing sports betting provided additional income to struggling casinos. Thus, they experienced a revenue increase after the launch of Mississippi’s sports betting market.

Louisiana lawmakers who support the legalization of sports betting are optimistic that they will get a favorable income during the November elections. They also hope that a positive result would make their colleagues vote in favor of the rules needed to implement legal sports betting, according to a political forum.

In 2018, voters in 47 out of 64 parishes voted in favor of daily fantasy sports. Also, lawmakers approved daily fantasy sports rules during a special session in the spring of the same year. People hope it would be the same for sports betting. After the approval, you can become an online bookie in the state.

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Posted : 03/10/2020 11:45 am