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Delaware Sports Betting Revenue Goes Up  

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Delaware Sports Betting revenue

Delaware Sports Betting Revenue Rises

Description: Exploring global sports betting regulations and how the US and Delaware in particular is handling the matter, plus the alternative of online Kiwi casinos.

Globally, sports are always popular, but how do national and state regulations differ, and what impact has Delaware’s legalization had on state revenue? Read on to find out.

Comparing Kiwi Sports Betting Regulation

New Zealand’s half a world away from North America and Europe, but as any follower of rugby will tell you, the Kiwis are more than keen on sport. On the betting front, New Zealanders have slightly limited domestic sports betting opportunities due to the restrictions of the Gambling Act 2003, unless it’s provided via the Racing Board of New Zealand under the Racing Act 2003. However, offshore betting is an entirely different kettle of fish, and Kiwis are absolutely fine betting at sportsbooks that are located in other countries, making the many popular betting sites of Europe legally accessible.

Kiwi Online Casinos

There is rising domestic interest in onshore American sports betting and casinos, but players are also free to access great offshore betting options such as online casinos in New Zealand. Recently tested Kiwi online casinos provide safe and secure betting environments that are well-regulated to play everything from old-fashioned card games to the slots featuring the latest dynamic game-play elements. American players can also benefit from using USD at the vast majority of New Zealand and international online casinos, removing any exchange rate effects, and even access practically every game and bonus through smartphones and tablets for the ultimate in convenient mobile gaming.

US and Delaware Regulation and Income

The United States of America has historically looked askance at sports and casino betting, certainly by way of comparison with Europe. Things are changing, however, and in recent years the USA’s updated legislation and more progressive approach has been making Canada look a shade puritanical by comparison.

For the last few years, since a Supreme Court ruling in 2018, any state that wants to legalize sports betting is able to do so. That same year the state of a Delaware legalized single game betting for a variety of sports, with the state being quick off the mark to make its move within a month of the Supreme Court judgement. Historically, the US only permitted parlay betting on sports. Also known as accumulator or multiple bets, these necessarily involved multiple contingencies, for example betting on six NFL results. Only if every prediction was correct did the player make money. Naturally, this involved long odds and discouraged sports betting as single game bets are far likelier to come off.

Just over a third of states have made similar moves to legalize sports betting, with bills introduced or passed in the majority of others. Only Wisconsin, Idaho, and Utah are dragging their feet, with Maryland on the way towards legalized sports betting.

Naturally, states such as Delaware have seen betting revenues rise, increasing tax income while at the same time enabling American bettors to enjoy playing at onshore sites safe in the knowledge they’re protected by US law if anything goes awry. In September 2020 alone, Delaware generated $1.97m dollars from sports betting.

It is worth noting that sports betting has been less this year than in previous years, but the rather obvious explanation for that is the huge disruption to the sporting calendar caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Betting on sports is difficult when there is none to watch. However, perhaps the relative resilience is a positive sign, and the revenues generated will certainly bring some welcome income to the state at this time.

UK Gambling Laws

In terms of pro-betting legislation, the United Kingdom is one of the freest nations in the world. There have been minor recent curbs that now prevent credit cards being used for betting purposes, but otherwise the country is among the most liberal. It’s also one of the top tier regulatory nations, so if you see a site is regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission that’s a very positive sign that an online casino is trustworthy and reliable.

When it comes to sports betting it’s been legal for a long time in the UK, which has led some UK sportsbooks/bookies to become major domestic and international players, aided by the presence of some world-leading sport (most notably the English Premier League).

British players have many domestic options when it comes to sports betting, including single or multiple bets, numerous bookmakers, and betting exchanges which offer the chance to specifically bet against as well as for particular options (ideal for those who literally want to hedge their bets). There’s no tax at all on gambling winnings, which makes it particularly nice when your ship comes in as there’s neither tax nor paperwork to worry about.

However, it is worth noting that there is a small but growing anti-betting sentiment which has seen the aforementioned restrictions on credit card payments and it remains to be seen if the UK will stay as generous to bettors as it currently is.

Everywhere around the world sports are a popular pastime, and there’s a general trend to increase betting access online. As Delaware and elsewhere have proven, this legalization helps drive up tax revenues, as well as enabling people to use their money as they wish.

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