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Governor Kills NY Mobile Sportsbook Push  

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is busy trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the state. However, he still had time to kill the NY mobile sportsbook push. According to Sportsbook PayPerHead sources, mobile sports betting didn’t make it into the state budget.

Last January, Governor Cuomo published his yearly budget proposal for 2021. It included the expansion of New York’s sports betting market. However, there was no provision for mobile sports wagering.

The governor pointed out that the only way to allow internet sports betting is to amend the state’s constitution. However, many lawmakers disagree with the governor. Despite the negative response from the governor, lawmakers believe there’s enough time to add mobile wagering by April 1, which is the deadline for the budget. At present, all hope is gone.

NY Mobile Sportsbook Push

Governor Kills NY Mobile Sportsbook Push

According to a political forum, top legal firms believe that online sports betting was constitutionally sound. As a result, lawmakers hoped to convince Governor Cuomo to legalize online wagering.

Based on sports betting software reports, revenue from online sports betting can address the $6 billion deficit of the state’s budget. With the coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout New York, the gap will increase significantly.

Legalizing online sports betting could solve the deficit problem. However, the governor was not convinced. Also, lawmakers were perplexed why the governor wants to make cuts to health care in the time of a pandemic. Senator Joseph Addabbo called the move irresponsible in part of the governor.

Despite the setback in pushing for mobile sports wagering, lawmakers are not ready to give up the fight. Senator Addabbo said they need to investigate all credible revenue sources despite apprehensions. Also, they would explore mobile betting for present and future revenue.

Some lawmakers are starting the three-year process to amend the state constitution to appease the governor. That way, online sports betting can be legal without apprehensions from the governor.

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Posted : 28/03/2020 10:27 pm