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Liberty Dawghouse is Ready for Business  

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Sorry it took So Long but Liberty Dawghouse Is Finally Ready

Liberty Dawghouse is ready to open for business. After a few hiccups and the business of our other websites we have are now at a spot to finally get this website and forum up and rolling. There is a lot to be talked about before the election. Then you add in this pseudo-pandemic COVID-19 and the shutdown of the world by overzealous governments and we have much lots to talk about. There will be new content posted on a daily basis and as we grow more writers will be added.

You can expect no censorship for you political views by Liberty Dawghouse staff. Only things that will be censored will be span. We love free speech and it will be allowed at all costs. We will not sugarcoat anything and we will not show a bias on purpose. We will not allow the State to run unchecked like Main Stream Media does. We will always allow all sides of a topic to be discussed.

Please check out our Forums and let us know if there is not a forum of your liking. We play on being user friendly. Don't worry about the ads that are all over. We have those in place temporarily in different spots to check out certain spots on our site and to see what pulls and what doesn't from other sites. We will have ads and banners, but not to the extent they are on the site now.

We also have groups and our own social network you can build on with BuddyPress. It is fully functional and you can customize it as you please. You can have your own groups that are private or public, set up your own blogs, and set up your feed as you can on other sites like Facebook, MeWe, and other social sites.

Liberty Dawghouse Forums

The forums also have ratings system and reward system called GamiPress. It has leaderboards and many other features. We are eventually going to be adding Trivia and possibly an arcade. We will be adding more and more plugins to make the site fun and entertaining for everyone. We will be adding different things to GamiPress and BuddyPress. Also every post you made and comment will be integrated into WordPress comment so it shows on the forums and the comment section. It is a great feature.

We have private messaging at the moment and will be adding chat capabilities as well in the near future. Don't want to add everything at once until we get all the bugs worked out. We will also be starting our own podcast that is going weekly and we most likely will be having our own Liberty Dawghouse Comic Strip as I am friends with a King Features Syndicate Comic Strip artist.

I just mentioned a few of the perks we have here but there are many more. If the settings are not as you like them on BuddyPress or any other part of the site please drop us a message or email and we will do our best to accommodate. This is going to be a work in progress. We want this to be as user friendly of a website as possible. That can only happen if you all participate and help let us know what you want.

Please come out and give us a shot. One thing I can guarantee you is that we will not have the censorship of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks. We will not be as restrictive as Instagram and sites like them. Please come get in on the ground floor and help us grow to become one of the premier political sites on the internet.

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