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PA Lawmaker to Propose Regulation of Skill Video Games

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A lawmaker in Pennsylvania proposed the regulation of skill video games. The proposal could bring around $300 million in tax revenue each year. Also, it could generate new jobs. Senator Gene Yaw told asked his colleagues to co-sponsor the proposed bill with him.

Due to the skill element of the games, they are not part of the Pennsylvania Gaming Act. Also, the government does not collect tax on skill video game machines. You can find them in restaurants, bars, clubs, convenience stores, and other establishments across the state.

According to pay per head bookie sources, Senator Yaw saw some potential benefits from skill video games. Regulating the machines will bring new jobs and provide additional tax revenue for the state.

Regulation of Skill Video Games

PA Lawmaker to Propose Regulation of Skill Video Games

In addition to bringing in more money for the state, the new measure will aid in the elimination of illicit gaming and aid local companies by opening up new avenues of revenue.

Senator Yaw said that the video game business has brought hundreds of manufacturing jobs to his district and the surrounding area. Yaw noted that there is a major maker of skill games based in Williamsport, and that this company has been shifting production of new games away from China and toward the United States.

According to his plan, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would require all skill video games to link up to a terminal collection and control system that will record all transactions and ensure all taxes are paid on time.

If the idea is approved, analysts on a political news forum predict that it will bring in around $300 million in yearly tax income for the state. According to Senator Yaw, this will also lead to the creation of new, middle-class employment.

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Posted : 11/04/2023 3:48 am