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Trump Cleaves Republican Party in Half  

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Trump is said to be a large force in dividing the Republican party. On one hand, you have the established conservatives, mostly familiar names and faces in the party. On the other hand, you also have what the media calls "Trumpists". 

This division is why during the impeachment trials, you have Republicans voting for Trump's impeachment. These are the Republicans who are staunch believers in their goal of preserving business interests, national security, and a socio-economic status quo. But now that you are seeing Trumpists, who would willingly follow an authoritarian, maybe due to similar views on social issues, it makes people think, what will happen to the party. Will these Trumpists be dropped? Will they wait to see if Trump will be eligible to run again in a few years? Will it result in a restructuring that may further complicate whatever power the Republicans have in the Senate? Confusing as they are now, we'll hopefully know more when the dust settles. 

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Posted : 21/01/2021 1:29 pm