The Massachusetts sportsbook legalization has a slim chance of becoming a reality by the end of the current session. The Senate and House are trying to find a compromise. Thus, the sports betting proposal will not be part of the final version of the jobs bill.

The Senate will try to bring back the sports betting proposal in fall. At present, sports betting legalization is not a priority for state legislators. Most lawmakers are focusing on the primary election race on September 1. Also, other legislators want to take some time off until their colleagues tackle several major proposals outside the jobs bill.

Even if the legalization of sports betting advanced, its chances of becoming law are slim. It doesn’t have the support from legislative leaders, who are more focused on the amount of federal aid the state can get from the White House.

Massachusetts Sportsbook Legalization

Massachusetts Sportsbook Legalization Put Off Until Fall

Based on sportsbook pay per head estimates, legalizing sports betting in Massachusetts can bring millions of dollars in tax revenue. Also, Governor Charlie Baker included $35 million in sports betting revenue as part of the state’s fiscal budget for 2021.

However, the legalization of sports betting is in the hands of the members of the joint conference committee. A political forum learned that Senator Eric Lesser told his colleagues that he would support sports betting proposals. However, it should be a stand-alone bill and not part of the economic development proposal.

Lesser is the chairman of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies. The committee recently convened. However, there was no news about sports betting from the chairman. Thus, people who learn how to be a bookie in Massachusetts still have more time to understand the industry.

Members of the committee can’t comment on the minutes of their meeting until they reached a compromise. Some people already conceded about sports betting’s chances in the current session.

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