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Florida Sportsbooks Could Return Before NFL Season

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After the DC Circuit Court ruled to overturn the blockade for online sports betting in Florida, the Hard Rock Sportsbook app has hinted at its return in the state. In addition, the Seminole Tribe is preparing for the return of Florida sportsbooks. If their recent job postings are indicators, tribes are hiring sportsbook workers.

However, there is a possibility that West Flagler Associates could win their appeal. According to bookie software experts, the group is the main force behind the state's shutdown of online sports betting.

The DC Circuit Court could finalize its ruling as early as August 21, 2023. According to a political news forum, the NFL season starts on September 7.

Florida Sportsbooks to Return Soon

Florida Sportsbooks Could Return Before NFL Season

The Seminole Tribe of Florida seeks supervisory sportsbook agents for its local casinos. The opening of a retail sportsbook may be imminent, as evidenced by the recruitment drive.

Mobile sportsbooks were available in Florida when the market opened in 2021, and brick-and-mortar establishments were scheduled to open later. The West Flagler lawsuit effectively derailed this launch. The original gaming compact that permitted sports betting in Florida was challenged in court by many local casinos. In response to the case, the District Court order effectively shut down the sports betting businesses. The Seminoles seem confident they can begin betting after their appeal of the District Court order was successful.

For now, these job ads lend credence to the relaunch of a retail sportsbook. It is reasonable to anticipate the same on the web, though.

You may thank the official Hard Rock Sportsbook Twitter account for this witty morning tweet about the verdict. It is easy to see how the Undertaker is a metaphor for anything coming back from the dead, like the sportsbook. However, that is far from the truth about casinos in Georgia. Lawmakers are still working on legalizing gambling in the Peach State.

Hard Rock could only be referring to the app since, at the time, internet betting was the only option in Florida. To coincide with the beginning of college football odds in 2023, law professor Bob Jarvis predicts that the Seminole Tribe will debut its app on August 26.

The Seminole Tribe has not announced a launch date or confirmed whether or not they intend to launch. Given the available data, this idea is purely speculative. However, sports betting will certainly return to the Sunshine State, barring any significant changes to the law.

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Posted : 11/07/2023 6:22 am