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FAQ For Liberty Dawghouse

Why Does Liberty Dawghouse Store Cookies?

Storing cookies is necessary to allow you to enjoy the full features of the site now, and features to come. The GDPR makes us alert you to the fact that we store cookies. Cookies are small tracking codes on your computer that allows our pages to load quicker and allows the scripts that load banners and ads to be loaded quicker. It also allows the few ads we have show you relevant ads and data.

You can clear your cookies when you leave the site or opt out of the site storing cookies on your computer. This could hinder your capabilities to enjoy the full capabilities of the Liberty Dawghouse website.

What is Liberty Dawghouse

Liberty Dawgshouse is a political website, forum and personal social network site that talks politics around the world. Our motto is “Guardians of Truth”. At Liberty Dawghouse we do not censor posts, delete posts or comments that our users make. Only spam will be removed from the site.

We believe in non-censorship unlike other social networks and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and other sites. We also will report the truth from alternate sites that Main Stream Media and the government consider “Fake News”. Most information you will not find on the major networks, print media and talk radio.

Does Liberty Dawghouse Store Personal Data?

The Answer is NO. Liberty Dawghouse takes your privacy very seriously. The only personal data we have is what you have in your profile. If you ever want to leave the site all your personal information goes with you. We do not keep a database of user information. We had to put in the information in our privacy policy to stay compliant with the GDPR. We don’t want to be fine thousands of dollars a day.

The only database we will ever collect will be if/when you sign up for our email newsletters or other opt-in services. These will be double opt-in so there will be no mistaking that you have subscribed. You will be able to unsubscribe or leave the services at any point.