The Virginia Lottery Board is currently conducting a public review of proposed sports betting regulations. However, gambling operators expressed their disappointment with some Virginia sportsbook rules proposals.

State officials are trying to come up with the legal sports betting rules before launching the market in 2021. Earlier in the year, the General Assembly passed the passed that would allow the Lottery to grant four to 12 licenses.

Bookie pay per head firms estimated that sports betting can earn up to $55 million in Virginia a year. Sports wagering in the state will start online through mobile apps. However, it will expand to physical casinos in various cities. Also, the state will allow sports betting in Rosie’s gambling facilities.

Virginia Sportsbook Rules Proposals

Operators Oppose Virginia Sportsbook Rules Proposals

The Virginia Lottery Board is determining how the sports betting industry will take off after the launch of the apps. However, several gambling operators are against several proposals. According to a political forum, the draft will create a Sports Bettors Bill of Rights.

It states that sportsbooks need to provide information so that players can make smart decisions before wagering on sports. They include odds of winning a wager and an explanation of how they were calculated.

FanDuel and DraftKings opposed the requirement. They said that no other state imposed such mandate to show the specific information in real time. According to FanDuel, it offered 24 types of wagers for one NBA game, with more than 300 potential results. Also, they were unlimited number of potential parlay bets.

Having to present the calculation for the odds for each bet would create several challenges, including the screen space and betting software processing power. They didn’t design mobile betting apps to show the information. Thus, they need to redesign the apps to provide a bad user experience to comply with the rule.

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