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California Sportsbook Bill Hearing Delayed  

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Lawmakers scheduled the California sportsbook bill hearing on June 18. However, the hearing for SCA 6 was delayed until Tuesday, June 23. The goal of the hearing was to get two-thirds approval from the committee to pass a sports betting bill that will be part of the ballot in November.

Senator Bill Dodd will have more time to gain support for the sports betting bill. Also, Dodd will improve the wording of the bill so that it will be ready for the hearing. The delay helps the bill to gain more momentum before Tuesday.

Lawmakers need to wait until June 23 to vote on the sports betting bill. Once it gets the right number of votes, it goes to the Senate Appropriation Office. Then it leaves the suspension files. They will make sure that all finances related to the bill are correct.

California Sportsbook Bill Hearing

California Sportsbook Bill Hearing Delayed

The Senate Appropriation Office will review the financial impact of the sports betting bill before it goes back for voting. Also, the bill needs some tweaks to get more support. At present, the tribal casino operators are not in favor of the current version of the sports betting bill, according to bookie pay per head sources.

Supporters of the bill were trying to gain more signatures before the coronavirus pandemic shutdown. The tribes think that the current proposal is unfair to tribal casinos. According to a political forum, Senator Dodd is adjusting some parts of the bill to make it more feasible for tribal casinos.

Tribal racetracks and casinos can accept wagers on sports. However, the bill also legitimizes cardrooms, which is something that tribes don’t like to happen.

The bill proposes a licensing fee of $5 million. Also, sportsbooks need to pay $1 million every year. Bookies need to consider the expenses on top of the pay per head prices if they want to operate in the state.

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Posted : 20/06/2020 10:37 am