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Governor Allows Illinois Sportsbook Firms to Accept Online Registrations  

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Governor JB Pritzker reinstated his order Friday that allows Illinois sportsbook firms to accept online registrations. It is the latest development for the sports wagering industry in the state. He restored his original order that allowed remote registration to promote social distancing.

According to the Executive Order, legal casinos remained closed to the public since March 16. Also, they will only reopen once the government sees that it is safe, according to the Restore Illinois Plan. Thus, residents can’t go to a casino to register for online sports betting account.

As a result, the governor suspended the in-person requirement when registering for an online sportsbook account. The governor first suspended that part of the law last June 8. However, he took it back on July 26.

Governor Allows Illinois Sportsbook Firms to Accept Online Applications

Governor Allows Illinois Sportsbook Firms to Accept Online Registrations

Based on political forum reports, the order will be in place until September 19. If you live in Illinois, you should consider registering for an account today before the governor reverses his order again.

According to gambling software providers, DraftKings launched its sportsbook in the state when the government allowed online registration. The gambling company thought that they could capitalize on the ability to accept account applications entirely online.

With the reinstatement of online sign-ups, DraftKings can now market its services to everyone in the state. According to bookie pay per head reports, other sportsbooks catering to Illinois players include Rivers Casino and PointsBet.

Rivers Casino was one of the supporters of the in-person requirement of the sports betting law. However, it wants to take advantage of online registration during the pandemic. PointsBet is hoping that its retail sportsbooks near Chicago can give it an edge when in-person registration was required.

FanDuel is planning to launch its online sports betting platform in the state. However, there are no indicators when it happens. Hollywood Casino opened its retail sportsbook. Yet, its online sportsbook will launch in the first quarter of next year.

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Posted : 22/08/2020 10:35 am