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Make All Politicians Accountable  

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Let's make politicians accountable for their actions so that they will no longer vote on laws based on greed and self interest.

If we could come up with a law that would keep in check their actions it would be great.  Let's come up with a proposal to fix that by starting a thread as to how to keep them in check.  I'll start with these:

  • All politicians and their family members and close associates must be audited every year.
  • Any discrepancies in the audit is automatic jail time
  • Once a politician leaves offices, they cannot take any kind of job with a company or sub-companies that profited in any way shape or form from a bill they voted on.
  • Set a fee cap on speech and appearances

Lets keep this going by adding your own thought on how to keep politicians in check!

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Posted : 27/07/2019 12:21 pm