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Three States Hope to Pass Sports Betting on Election Day  

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Sports betting is on the rebound even in time of the coronavirus. Thus, many states are trying to legalize sports wagering to improve their revenue. Three states hope to pass sports betting in November.

South Dakota, Maryland, and Louisiana have a sports wagering referendum on the November ballot. At present, 19 states have legalized sports wagering since the Supreme Court struck down PASPA. Also, four states have passed sports betting laws and are waiting to launch their sportsbook industry. There are nine states with active bills waiting to pass the state legislature.

Sports betting is booming. That’s why Maryland, South Dakota, and Louisiana are trying to join the bandwagon. The three states have neighboring states with legal sports betting. They can generate revenue instead of people going out of state to wager on sports.

Three States Hope to Pass Sports Betting

Three States Hope to Pass Sports Betting on Election Day

Louisiana has a higher chance of passing the sports betting bill in November. In 2018, it made Daily Fantasy Sports legal in the state. Many bookie PPH experts expect sports betting to get the same fate as Daily Fantasy Sports.

However, Louisiana hasn’t launch Daily Fantasy Sports yet. Thus, sources are worried that sports betting will suffer the same destiny. There’s a Louisiana Wins campaign that will educate voters on how the state can benefit the state.

According to a political forum, there’s a high chance sports betting will become legal in Maryland. Senator Craig Zucker is confident that the bill will pass. However, some people opposed the language around sports wagering. However, lawmakers can still fix it after the elections.

South Dakota has one of the smallest populations in the US. IF the bill passes, sports betting will become legal in Deadwood. Also, it will not have mobile sports wagering. The locations are limited. Thus, significant sports betting companies might not be interested in venturing into the state.

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Posted : 10/10/2020 4:56 pm