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Nikon D7100 Vs Nikon D3200 Vs Canon EOS 6D
Nikon D7100 Vs Nikon D3200 Vs Canon EOS 6D
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Raw files are so titled because they have not yet been processed, and as a result, they are not ready to be printed or modified using a bitmap graphics editor at this time. When using a stereo microphone, it is possible to record audio files or videos in stereo without the need of an additional microphone.



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If you place a high value on compactness and low weight, the Nikon D3200 is the camera for you. Unfortunately, both cameras have fixed displays, which means that they cannot be tilted or flipped in any manner. The Nikon D3200 is substantially lighter than the Nikon D7100, which may prove to be a considerable benefit on lengthy walking journeys, particularly in hot climates.





Nikon D7200 was released to the market in March 2015, and Nikon D3200 was introduced to the market in July 2012, respectively. Let's see whether the age difference between the two cameras makes a significant impact in their performance. Nikon's D7200 and D3200 DSLR cameras are being compared in this comparison.



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On extended shots when you want additional room, this is really handy. The device contains a standard memory slot, which allows you to expand the built-in internal storage capacity with inexpensive memory modules, or to quickly recover data from a memory card, such as images. The addition of more microphones improves sound quality and allows the gadget to filter out background noise more effectively. The greater the number of focus points, the greater the degree of freedom in selecting whatever area of the picture to concentrate on.



The fact that both the Nikon D3200 and the Nikon D7100 use the identical Nikon F lens mount and APS-C sized sensors means that lenses will not be a distinction in terms of overall system size. Specifically, the purpose of this review is to present a thorough comparison of two prominent camera models that were released by the same company - Nikon - in the same year. Despite the fact that both goods are sold by the same company, they belong to separate product categories. So Nikon D7100 is an entry-level DSLR camera, while Nikon D7100 is a semi-pro DSLR camera, as indicated by the name.



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The lower this number is, the less light is required for regular autofocus functioning to take place. We believe that the Nikon D7100 deserves a better Total Score than the Nikon D3200 because of all of the variables that we evaluated throughout the process of comparing these two cameras. Consequently, while deciding between these two possibilities, we propose that you choose for the first model over the second.. Take a look at the table below to see how the Nikon D3200 and Nikon D7100 compare in terms of the size of their sensors.



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In electrical energy terms, battery power, also known as battery capacity, refers to the quantity of electrical energy that a battery can store. In addition to providing a better picture, a greater screen resolution makes it simpler to evaluate your images. A hot shoe may be used to connect an external flash, as well as light meters, viewfinders, rangefinders, and other accessories to a camera or other device. Before we get into our more in-depth comparison of the Nikon D7200 vs Nikon D3200, let's take a quick glance at the primary characteristics of each camera. When compared to the D3200, you may use the D7100 with more confidence in settings where there is a danger of exposure to water and dust since the body is weather sealed.



The Nikon D3200 is the lighter of the two cameras, weighing 260g less than the Nikon D7100, which is a significant difference in weight. Indeed, for photographers who like to carry their cameras with them everywhere they go, this discrepancy might be a big drawback. In this way, the photographer may film time lapse sequences of natural phenomena such as flower blossoming and sunsets and moon rises without the need to invest in an additional camera trigger and associated software. In the D7100, there is a top-level LCD, which is absent on the D3200. This is one feature that both models share. Despite the fact that it is, of course, smaller than the back screen, the control panel provides some of the most important shooting information and may be useful for fast and simple settings verification.



The magnifications of the viewfinders of both cameras are shown in this infographic. Compared to normal size, the black area indicates a magnification of 1x; the red region represents a magnification of 0.85x, which is the greatest value available in any camera on the market at the time of writing. It is possible that the ability of a camera to interact with its surroundings will be an essential consideration in the camera selection process for some imaging applications. According to the table below, the Nikon D3200 and Nikon D7100 are both capable of connecting to a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. The table also lists the interfaces that the cameras may use to manage accessories and transmit data. As a starting point for the comparison, the following is a high-level summary of the major specifications of the two cameras.



The D7100 is equipped with an optical viewfinder with a penta prism that spans the whole field of vision and has a magnification of c, which is the highest available. The sensor of a digital camera is, without a question, the most important component of the device. Among the parameters that influence the quality of future photographs are the kind of camera, its size, and its resolution.



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