New Hampshire Lottery released a request for proposals or sports betting RFP. They sent a lengthy document to potential vendors who want to offer sports wagering in the state. The RFP has a timeline for the launch of sports betting in the Granite State.

The Lottery gives potential sportsbook operators until August 26 to submit their proposals. They want to have the time to screen vendors and start with negotiations on October 17. Final approval for sports betting contracts will be on November 20.

In addition, the NH Lottery is looking for a sportsbook software partner to help with the rollout of sports betting in its 1,400 retailers. The contracts are non-exclusive. In fact, sports betting licenses will last for six years. The lottery contract will be for five years.

New Hampshire Sports Betting RFP

New Hampshire Lottery Releases Sports Betting RFPIt was reported in June that New Hampshire is the next sports betting state. The sports betting RFP gives a good timeline of its launch in the state. A per head sportsbook that gets a license needs to develop its own brand, whether it is online or retail.

For bookies who want to apply for a land-based sportsbook, they need to have their own sports betting location. Also, they need to have their own software, customer support, and other sports betting services.

However, it will be hard for startups to enter the New Hampshire market. The Lottery requires operators to have established sports betting business in at least three jurisdictions. The good news is that the criteria didn’t specify if the jurisdictions had to be in the US.

The Lottery told a political forum that it will grade potential bookies out of 1,000 points. It will assess sports betting firms based on experience, integrity, the general design of the product, economic benefits to the state, strength of software and hardware, and more.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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