Voters will decide on whether to allow Dover sportsbook operations at the city’s businesses and bars. In fact, the city government scheduled the local referendum this fall. Residents will vote on the proposed ballot question for review by the City Council.

Governor Chris Sununu signed the bill that made wagering on sports legal in the state. As a result, New Hampshire is the ninth state to allow sports betting. However, the law excludes betting on games involving schools from the state.

Also, the law tells the people where to gamble and who will supervise the industry. There will be ten total licenses for retail sportsbooks, and five licenses for online sports betting. Mayor Karen Weston told a political forum that her administration wants Dover to be at the forefront of sports betting in the state.

Dover Sportsbook Industry

Dover Sports Betting to Launch in Early 2020Dover sportsbook industry is expected to bring in around $7.5 million in 2021, and $13.5 in 2022. The city wants to use part of the funds to help in problem gaming prevention, treatment, and education. In addition, most of the fund will go to education.

However, the resolution the Dover city councilors are going to review doesn’t guarantee the city to be one of the ten locations with a retail sportsbook. It is just a way for the city to attract potential operators. The city government wants sports betting businesses to know they can start a retail operation, whether it is a standalone operation or co-located within a local business.

Pay per head service providers learned that the resolution must go through a public hearing first and then get the vote from the City Council. Once it passed through the two processes, the city can place the question on the ballot.

Dover went through the same process last year for Keno. Residents rejected Keno in local bars at the 2017 polls. However, the City Council told PPH service providers that they will put the Keno question again on the next ballot.

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