California pulls sportsbook bill Monday due to opposition from tribal casinos. SCA 6 proposed allowing tribal casinos and racetracks to accept sports wagering. However, tribal leaders didn’t want the provision that will enable cardrooms to offer blackjack and other card games. At present, California laws don’t allow house vs. player games, such as blackjack.

Both chambers of Congress would have to pass the sports betting bill Thursday if lawmakers want it to be part of the November ballot. However, bill author Senator Bill Dodds pulled his proposal. After the pullout, the earliest sports wagering can be on a referendum is 2022. Thus, sports betting will not be legal in the state until 2023.

The bill would tax sports betting revenue by ten percent. Also, mobile betting revenue will have a tax rate of 15 percent. According to Dodd, the state could earn around $500 million annually from sports betting.

California Pulls Sportsbook Bill

California Pulls Sportsbook Bill Due to Opposition from Tribal Casinos

There are many controversies involving SCA 6. First, it oversteps on state gaming laws. According to gaming laws, tribal casinos can offer house vs. players games. On the other hand, cardrooms can only offer player vs. player games, according to pay per head experts.

However, the proposed bill would allow cardrooms to offer house vs. players games. As a result, tribal casinos opposed SCA 6. Also, the coronavirus pandemic didn’t help the cause of the sports betting bill, based on political news reports.

According to pay per head bookie sources, Senator Dodd made some changes to the bill until he pulled it. Also, both chambers had to read the amendments before they can pass the bill by June 25.

Although sports betting can help reduce the budget deficit, lawmakers are prioritizing the prevention of coronavirus at present. They are more likely to act on sports wagering next year.

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