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COVID-19 and the Freedoms People Will Never Get Back

CIVID-19 Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic has turned Most Politicians Into Tyrants at Every Level

The leaders in the United States States have lost their ever loving minds due to the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. This goes for the people in Washington D.C. to State Leaders and all the way down to our local leaders. This virus is dangerous and should not be taken lightly, but all these lockdowns across the nation are out of control.

There is no reason to shut down an entire economy and cause people to lose their jobs to a virus that has killed a little more than 3,000 people in the United States thus far. The Flu has already killed more than 22,000 people this year in the nation. This is a good year compared to the last several years. According to Johns Hopkins there has been around 40,000 deaths worldwide and a little over 3,100 in the United States as of today. There have been over 178,000 people recovered.

Infections of the COVID-19 disease and the flu are hard to determine. Coronavirus has infected a little over 800,000 people worldwide and 164,500 in the United States. Where as the flu has infected more One Billion people worldwide and between 9-46 million in the United States. Below is a link to a Johns Hopkins created map that updates as close to real time as possible.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

You can see the seriousness of this virus, but it is nowhere near as deadly as the common flu. Earlier today i read that the death rate of the Coronavirus in the United States was around .663%. I just ran the rough numbers with 850,000 infected and 42,000 dead and that comes up to around 4.5% worldwide. That is figuring in Italy and other nations that are over 11%. Here are some charts from Statista.

We will stop right here and not even bring up the SARS, H1N1, Swine Flu, and other outbreaks that have happened over the last 20 years that were much, much worse than this strain and not one person batted. No national or worldwide pandemic declarations. No economic shutdown. No martial law orders. Nothing. Crickets.

Over Reach By Governments in the United States for COVID-19

Now lets get down to the overreach by the political leaders in the United States. Leadership comes from the top. Overall I think Donald Trump has done a pretty good job with his response to the virus and how it has been maintained and not spread except in very populated urban areas. That is not happening in all of them. Only four or five have major problems at this point, We will not know fully for a year or so most likely.

Their are a few things that he has done are so severe the citizens of this nation will never get their freedoms back. Once these local and state officials here a President talking like he has it resonates all the way down the ladder to the poor people who hang on the news media and politicians every hanging word. Especially a polarizing figure like Donald Trump. His followers are cult like and will support him at every turn.

They have done so during this COVID-19 crisis when he was talking about nationalizing private businesses if they take any bailout money, he has taken over the Federal Reserve and melded with with the Treasury Department, and he has implemented Martial Law in places. He has declared War and enacted the Defense Production Act, which is only to be used in dire emergencies and actual Wars, like World War II.

This allows him to force companies to produce products that are needed. This is fine if it is actually needed. Companies have been coming out of the woodwork offering to make sanitizer, medical masks, breathing machines, and a lot more products that the medical professionals need. There is no need to force these companies into doing anything. Well unless you just want to prove to everyone you are in POWER.

Donald Trump is like a child. He wants his signatures on the stimulus checks going out to the citizens. He is that arrogant and narcissistic. All his narcissistic and childlike actions were all fun and good when he was making the media and the liberals lose their minds when he spoke. It was funny and a needed distraction from the hateful partisan politics of the two socialist parties that run the United States.

Now Trump has instilled some communist policies that Lenin would be proud of in place. Local and State leaders have been following him from the get go. States have been locking down their entire states and demanding people stay at home. Cities also did this as well. Some were warranted if they had a large number of cases, but the vast majority was an overreaction to a yet nonexistent pandemic. These lockdowns have shut the economy down and many people and small businesses will never recover.

You don’t quarantine healthy people. That is called a lockdown and it is tyrannical. You quarantine the sick, that have COVID-19, and the high risk and let the healthy people go about their business. Sweden is doing as much right now. When you shut down an economy and cause unemployment to triple overnight in places it is not a good thing. Restaurants and service industries can’t make it on take out, drive thru windows, and delivery. Those employees who were sent home have families to feed, rent to pay and other bills.

All these small cities and local leaders that shut these businesses down don’t have to worry about feeding their families and are not worried about getting kicked out on the streets because they can’t pay rent. They get to use their Napoleon complexes and prove to the people of their towns and cities that they are in control. They claim they put a lot of thought into it and it was a hard decision. It wasn’t, and there wasn’t.

Closing schools, I don’t have a problem with as they can do the distant learning and kids carry cold and flu viruses all the time. With no tests or with most people not knowing what COVID-19 was until just recently then you can easily justify this.

States like Pennsylvania have long lines at food shelters because they shut the entire state down. California and New York are in a shambles. So are New Jersey and the State of Washington. These people took Trumps lead and took precautionary measures. Then they started listening to the Democrats who were bashing Trump and blamed him for not doing enough. They overreacted and we are here where we are at.

These $1,200 to $3,000 Checks for the COVID-19 stimulus are not going to be enough to help these families by the time they get to the people. We have 320 Million people and a $2Trillion stimulus bill. Simple math tells you that comes out to around $13,000 a person. That money should go to the people. Not the Kennedy Center, not to planned parenthood, not to airlines, not to anything else. A new bill should have been passed to support small businesses forced to close down. Many will never reopen and they were forced out of business because of overzealous governments.

Freedoms You will Never Get Back because of COVID-19

The United States is setting up a new surveillance system across the nation. Claiming that if they know where everyone is that it will help them contain COVID-19. Congress is passing a new bill, called the EARN IT Bill, where they can read every text and message online. The Precedent has been set to shut down the entire nation with any threat deemed serious. Cops going door to door looking for people from other States. Police forces enforcing the Six Foot rule. The Federal Government taking equity stakes in private companies. Police checkpoints at State borders looking for people coming from certain states and locking them up or turning them back.

The list could go on and on. The scary part is this. How people just sit by and idly let this stuff go on and do nothing about it. They vote the same tyrannical people into office. Not just nationally but locally. They could have huge say in local government with their votes. That is the only votes that matter in this nation anymore. Both national political parties and factions of the socialist party. The only difference in them is how they are going to screw the people and take more freedoms away.

How these local governments have abused the trust of the people is shocking in many ways, but not really in others. People are conditioned to not think for themselves. They have the media to tell them who to like, who to hate, who to vote for, what TV shows to like, and the list goes on. Just depends on which political party you associate yourself with. When in reality neither political party cares about you. If they did this power grab and the shutdown of an entire nations economy would not have happened.

The precedents have been set and the people of the United States will never get them back. Since 9/11 and the Patriot Act, now the USA Freedom Act and the NDAA which allows the US government to indefinitely detain US citizens with no representation, no trial, and no due process have been passed it has gotten worse.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in 2005 that police do not have to protect and serve anymore. They are there to enforce the laws. They even went as far as to say they didn’t have to enforce restraining orders that are issued to victims to protect them. Don’t believe me Google, Bing it, use Duck Duck Go or whatever. It is a simple find.

Let’s hope the American people get sick of it before it gets even worse. With all these lockdowns and stay at home orders it is going to get bad. People can’t work, they can’t make money, they can’t buy food, and buy essentials to live. Rioting is about to start happening across the country like it is in places around the world.

Maybe something will wake the people up. Too bad it may have taken a psuedo-pandemic like COVID-19 to do so. Now that the current administration, Congress, State and local government has set these standards, it will become the norm from here on out.

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