Several local sports legends were present during the launch of in-person DC sports betting sites on July 29. In addition, local small businesses partnered with GambetDC to offer sports betting on their premises.

Lou’s City Bar, Dirty Water Sports Bar, Takoma Station Tavern, and Ben’s Next Door hosted several former NBA, NFL, and NHL personalities during the opening event. Some of the players include Rick Walker, Santana Moss, Charles Mann, Joe Jacoby, Fred Smoot, Brian Mitchell, Ravin Caldwell, Ken Jenkins, Craig Loughlin, etc.

According to GambetDC, the program will support local businesses as they bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. Local businesses will receive a five percent commission on all handle. Also, they will get a one percent commission on the cashing of sports wagering products.

DC Sports Betting Sites

DC Sports Betting Opened at Small Businesses

According to the best pay per head bookie, GambetDC is helping the local business community through the program. The sports betting kiosks allow players to bet on sports while enjoying their favorite bar or restaurant services.

Also, the kiosks cater to people who don’t have credit cards. Instead, they can wager on sporting events with cash. In addition, they get to watch the game live on the monitors within the restaurant or bar.

According to a political forum, it is a way for GambetDC to give back to the community. It supports local businesses. As a result, people would enjoy betting on sports while helping local companies make some money on the side.

Although GambetDC has an online bookie software to allow online betting, some people prefer doing their wagering in person. Some people even drive to Delaware to place their wagers. Thus, having sports betting kiosks in local businesses is good for the District.

Betting within local businesses keeps the betting money within its boundaries. Also, revenue from sports betting goes back to the city via the General Fund.

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