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Florida Passed Bills for Harsher Illegal Gambling Penalties

Florida Passed Bills for Harsher Illegal Gambling Penalties

The Florida Legislative passed two bills for harsher illegal gambling penalties. House Bill 189 and Senate Bill 1046 sought to ban gambling machines that you can find across the state. Also, they proposed stricter penalties for people involved in illegal gambling activities.

According to bookie PPH experts, SB 1046 is still making progress. Following its second and third readings in the Senate on Wednesday, the measure was approved by a vote of 31 to 7, with 40 senators voting in favor. After the Senate, the plan will proceed to the House of Representatives for more scrutiny.

According to SB 1046, the proposed changes would elevate the penalty for illicit gambling from a second-degree misdemeanor to a third-degree felony for first-time offenders. Similarly, the plan seeks to boost the severity of future violations, making them second-degree felony for two offenses and first-degree felony for three or more occurrences.

The plan indeed imposes severe punishments since a third-degree felony conviction carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail and a fine of five thousand dollars.

Florida Bills for Harsher Illegal Gambling Penalties

According to political news forum users, an earlier version of SB 1046 did not mandate sending cease-and-desist orders to illicit gaming establishments. The House version of the measure, HB 189, also had this clause. On the other hand, a cease-and-desist clause was included in SB 1046 in response to worries about unforeseen repercussions; this will shield persons who might not know they are working for illegal gaming companies.

According to a recent remark from Florida Politics, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Jonathan Martin, expressed his support for the proposed revisions to the cease-and-desist act. I support those alterations. The Gaming Commission supports those modifications. If the House version of the law is passed before this one, I would gladly take on the task of changing it or reworking it,” he stated.

As Martin further emphasized, the adjustment’s goal was to make things more transparent. However, the senator clarified that the measure aims to outlaw such businesses rather than lock up innocent people working for illicit gaming operations.

However, many people are still worried about the plans, particularly those who could be employed by the businesses in question. This is because any employee facing criminal charges, regardless of guilt, must divulge this information in several documents. Even those looking to purchase a house with a mortgage can feel the effects of this.

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