Lawmakers are going to consider new Washington State sportsbook bills. Senate Bill 6277 and House Bill 2478 will legalize certain types of sports betting in the state. SB 6277 is currently with the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee, while the Commerce and Gaming Committee is discussing HB 2478.

SB 6277 is the Sports Wagering Act that will allow betting at tribal casinos, racetracks, and card rooms. Also, it will make online sports betting legal. Sponsors of the bill are Republican Senators Ann Rivers and Curtis King.

The bill places a ten percent tax on sports betting revenue. Taxes from bets placed on tribal land will go to the tribe responsible for the location. Also, racetracks and card rooms will pay a licensing fee of $500,000, with still undetermined renewal fees.

Washington State Sportsbook Bills

Lawmakers to Consider New Washington State Sportsbook Bills

According to Easy Pay Per Head Solution, licenses will have a validity of five years. SB 6277 didn’t disclose other fees related to the licenses. Also, the bill limits each sports betting licensee and tribal casino to one branded sportsbook website. However, they can complement it with a mobile app with the same brand.

Operators can’t accept wagers on college sporting events held in Washington State. Also, the bill prevents sports betting on college teams in the state.

The Washington State Gambling Commission will oversee the sports betting industry in the state. It will allow licensed operators and casinos to outsource their online betting operators to a sportsbook pay per head or any third-party provider.

Employees of sports betting companies need to get a license as a sports betting employee in the state, according to a political forum. The accompanying House Bill has the same proposals. Its sponsor is Republican Rep. Brandon Vick.

One roadblock for the bills is that Democrats control both the Senate and the House in Washington State. Republicans need to work with them to pass the sports betting bills and make the activity legal in the state.

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