Sports wagering remained illegal in Georgia. However, many lawmakers plan to reintroduce a Georgia sports betting bill in the upcoming legislative session. If the bill passes, players can wager on Hawks, Braves, Bulldogs, or Falcons games online.

According to a political news forum, the Hope Scholarship Fund might get funds from this. However, many people think that if sports betting were permitted, it would lead to many issues.

Ron Stephens, a Georgia House of Representatives member, has backed prior legislation to allow sports betting in the state. Stephens, an avid Bulldogs supporter, said the bill would be brought up again in the Georgia legislature this year.

Georgia Sports Betting Bill

Lawmakers to Reintroduce Georgia Sports Betting Bill 1

Stephens originally proposed that only debit cards, not credit cards, may be used for sports betting. He likened betting on sports to playing the lottery. He also mentioned that it served as amusement for some.

On Monday, January 9, 2023, the Georgia Legislature will convene for its regular session, and the sports betting law, according to sources from the gambling industry news media, will likely be introduced early in the session.

Mike Griffin of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board is concerned that sports betting would set a bad example. In addition, Griffin is worried that crime and addiction would increase if sports betting is permitted.

Griffin further noted that the state would face the challenges of bankruptcy and addiction. In addition, children may be impacted by crime if it becomes easier for them to get involved. For this reason, they are concerned that people may develop gambling addictions.

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