Texas laws ban gambling with several exceptions, including state lottery and charity. However, there’s a loophole in Texas gambling laws that allowed game rooms with slot machine-like in some communities in the state. As a result, some local officials try to enforce the rules differently.

State lawmakers added the fuzzy animal exception in the Texas Penal Code in the 1990s. It allows gaming machines that award non-cash prizes valued under $5. The second loophole is when city and county governments provide game room permits through local ordinances.

According to bookie PPH reports, some local officials said criminal activities proliferate in game rooms. As a result, they can lead to more significant crimes that put the public in danger.

Local Officials Want to Close Loopholes in Texas Gambling Laws

Local Officials Close Game Rooms Based on Texas Gambling Laws

Javier Joven, the mayor of Odessa, took the initiative to take action against the city’s numerous gaming rooms. Joven claims that while wanting to outlaw them outright, he passed a measure that phases them out through a legislative procedure in response to opposition from local politicians who questioned the clarity of state legislation.

Pay per head bookie reports claim that there have been 32 gambling rooms in Odessa’s city borders. According to Joven, the county is home to another 28 or so.

The granting or renewal of any further permits is prohibited under the new municipal legislation, which was enacted in September. As a result, political news sources claim that before the end of the year, all current licenses will have expired, and there won’t be any legal game rooms in the city.

Joven continued, saying that although he feels the statutes are unambiguous in this regard, a Fort Worth litigation now pending in the courts may resolve any lingering doubts about state law.

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