Massachusetts bookie proposal is expected to advance in the next couple of months as part of an economic development package. Members of the House expect sports betting to become legal as lawmakers try to get the jobs bill passed.

There are parts of the legislative package that lawmakers want for their district. Thus, they would end up voting for the sports betting portion to get what they want from the package. Some lawmakers believe that sports wagering would be part of the economic development package.

The House Ways and Means Committee didn’t comment on the issue. However, the committee polled the bill on Friday that included the legalization of sports betting. House Speaker Robert DeLeo didn’t answer questions about sports wagering during MassLive last Thursday.

Massachusetts Bookie Proposal

Massachusetts Bookie Proposal Advances with Economic Development Bill

Some lawmakers have concerns about the sports betting bill. The House might be able to pass the bill, but it will face more scrutiny in the Senate, according to bookie pay per head providers. Senate President Karen Spilka said that the economic development bill is a priority, and the Senate is waiting for the House to send it to the Senate.

If the economic development bill passes with the legal sports betting provision, Massachusetts will become the 23rd state with legal sports wagering. Based on sportsbook pay per head sources, the economic development bill contains funding for job training, child care, and other programs for residents of the state.

Also, the bill will provide grants for small business owners, climate resiliency projects, renovation programs, tourism projects, and public schools. According to a political forum, the latest version of the bill added funding for the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Judiciary.

Also, it provided more funding for job training, child care, and housing. In addition, it gives $30 million for capital loans to small companies affected by the coronavirus.

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