Companies that want to provide mobile sports betting in Massachusetts gave mixed reactions to temporary sports betting licenses. Also, stakeholders attended a State Gaming Commission hearing at the State House. Some participants included DraftKings, Betr, and other sportsbook operators.

According to political news reports, the meeting came as state regulators worked on new policies. Also, they are holding public meetings to get stakeholders’ feedback. During the recent hearing, many sports betting companies wanted a defined timeline, transparency, and clarity from the Gaming Commission. In addition, they want a universal launch date for mobile sports betting to foster a level playing field.

Some local businesses are learning how to be a bookmaker in the state. However, major sportsbook brands are more likely to become successful in Massachusetts. Also, they disagree on the use of temporary licenses.

Massachusetts Temporary Sports Betting Licenses

Mixed Reactions to Massachusetts Temporary Sports Betting Licenses

DraftKings said that the temporary licenses would level the field. However, not everyone agrees with them. FanDuel noted that a successful sportsbook launch requires companies to invest resources and time for a customized product.

FanDuel Vice President for Product and New Market Development Cory Fox said offering more temporary licenses than the limit is not an effective utilization of assets assuming that organizations might be approached to close down later on. But be that as it may, impermanent licenses, he said, could be utilized to facilitate the launch of online operators who are subsequently chosen for one of the seven untethered mobile licenses.

Commission Chair Cathy Judd-Stein said the commission is grappling with the idea of temporary licenses. It is following the state’s games wagering regulation. Also, the commission can grant the temporary license at $1 million for one year or until the commission acts on its license application.

The sports wagering regulation explains three classes of licenses, with the third considering seven computerized or portable organizations that are not associated with physical activity in Massachusetts. In any case, it doesn’t cut off the number of temporary licenses that can be given.

While mobile sports betting is unavailable in Massachusetts, you can try playing online poker. There’s no issue using Bovada Poker in the state.

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