New Hampshire mobile sports betting will launch earlier than initially planned. The Granite State is ahead of Massachusetts in implementing sports wagering. The State Lottery said that it is a significant step for the industry because it provides a new way to attract players.

Sports betting will allow the New Hampshire Lottery to build their success as they attract new and existing bettors within the state. Also, mobile sports betting will be available by the end of January.

The state lottery signed a deal with DraftKings to run the online sports betting app. However, the company didn’t give the exact date for retail sports betting. Bookie pay per head reviews and news sites expect it to be ready by the later part of 2020.

New Hampshire Mobile Sports Betting

New Hampshire Mobile Sports Betting Set to Launch on December 30

New Hampshire Lottery doesn’t need to learn how bookies collect money. DraftKings will do it for them. Governor Chris Sununu said that the deal is a win for the state. Their partner is a world-class company that offers high-quality customer service experience. By approving mobile sports betting, residents can bet on the Patriots during the Super Bowl.

New Hampshire residents and people within the borders of the state can start placing bets through DraftKings mobile app. People from Raymond Cruz Costa Rica can visit the state to place their bets during the NFL playoffs.

According to a political forum, players can download the DraftKings app and sign up for an account. Also, they can go to the company’s website to register. With an account, they can place bets on the app within the state.

The state lottery will get 50 percent of sports betting revenue. They will use it to fund education in their state. DraftKings said that the public is worth around $3.3 billion. Also, it puts the gambling company on a billion-dollar trajectory.

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