The North Carolina State Lottery Commission hired Sterl Carpenter to lead its sports betting division. He will be in charge of preparing for the state’s sports betting launch.

According to a political news forum, Carpenter has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Also, he was part of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for the past eight years.

Mark Michalko, director of the North Carolina Education Lottery, praised Carpenter’s hiring in a press release. He noted that finding a qualified candidate took a long time. However, the result was satisfactory to the regulator.

North Carolina Sports Betting Launch

North Carolina Hires Former Regulator to Help with Sports Betting Launch

Carpenter will begin his new role on August 2 and will be responsible for managing the state’s sports betting regulations immediately as the state seeks to enter the market. With up to 12 commercial sportsbooks anticipated to enter the market, North Carolina enacted a bill in June allowing it to handle online sports gambling.

Sportsbook software companies like Internet Vikings and Continent 8 Technologies have already established their infrastructure in the Tar Heel State in anticipation of the formal launch of sports betting following its recent authorization.

Carpenter’s hiring is significant not only because of his proven ability to manage a large market. He was also involved in the rollout of the betting program in Bay State, making him an excellent resource for his peers in North Carolina.

The specific timing of a launch in North Carolina is currently unknown. Fans would love for the release to coincide with the Super Bowl, and this may happen. When sportsbooks materialize in North Carolina, though, will depend on how quickly the regulator and now Carpenter get the ball rolling; the deadline for doing so is June 14, 2024. Launching a racebook is also possible in the state.

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