A Georgia House panel is traveling across the state to introduce the proposed legal gambling expansion. One of its stops is Valdosta, which is the first stop of the listening sessions across Georgia.

Lawmakers are studying the economic impact of expanding gambling in the state. A political forum said that a gambling expansion could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars and generate thousands of jobs. The government can use the money to fund the HOPE scholarship.

Valdosta residents who attended the sessions felt like the lawmakers were giving a sales pitch. Although there were several gambling bills in recent years filed by Georgia lawmakers, they failed to gain any traction. However, Governor Brian Kemp’s call to cut spending has led to new bills to expand gambling in the state.

Georgia House Panel Gambling Expansion

Sportsbook and Gambling News - Georgia House Panel Wants a Casino in Valdosta

Legalizing casinos and horse racing in the state requires a constitutional amendment. As a result, lawmakers want to amend the state constitution to make them legal including sports betting. However, getting a constitutional amendment is a difficult task.

An amendment requires the approval of two-thirds of each chamber of the General Assembly that will send it to the voters. That’s why the House panel is on a state-wide tour to educate the voters. Also, they want to hear the opinion of the people and what they need in their community.

According to pay per head solutions insiders, the hearing included a 25-minute long video showing the previous conferences held in Atlanta. Also, it featured presentations from tourism and local development authorities. They talked about the benefits of having a casino in Valdosta or any city within the Lowndes County.

Valdosta can have a casino if lawmakers agree to support several casinos within the state. Although the mayor doesn’t like gambling, he supports things that will benefit the nation. He told gambling software reviews and news site that he can see the economic advantages of having a casino near the Florida border.

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