The US gambling industry hit the jackpot at the elections Tuesday. According to political forum reports, gambling expansions are big winners during the US elections. Voters in three states authorized sports betting. Also, three other states approved or expanded casino gambling.

Voters in Louisiana, South Dakota, and Maryland approved sports betting. Thus, more than half of the US would have legal sports wagering by the end of 2021. It will be less than three years after the US Supreme Court allowed states to offer sports betting if they want.

Virginia approved casinos in four locations. Also, Nebraska allowed casino games at horse race tracks. Lastly, Colorado expanded the types of games that casinos can offer. The state also removed betting limits.

Gambling Expansions are Big Winners

Sportsbook and other Gambling Expansions are Big Winners at US Polls

According to betting software professionals, Americans are more comfortable with legal gambling. The additional casinos in Virginia and casino games in racetracks in Nebraska indicated people see gambling positively. Voters are satisfied with what legal gambling can bring to their state.

Many people want to be an online bookie. They see it as a legal source of income. According to the American Gaming Association, the ballots’ result in six states will bring more job opportunities, tax revenue, and entertainment options.

By the end of 20212, the District of Columbia and at least 25 states would have legal sportsbooks. Legalized sports betting brought benefits to the states.

Four Virginia cities will have casinos in the future. They are Bristol, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Danville. Caesars Entertainment thanked voters in Danville for approving the proposition. CEO Tom Reeg said that the new casino would bring 1,300 jobs to the city. Also, it would bring economic development and tourism revenue to Danville.

In South Dakota, Deadwood casinos can offer in-person sports wagering. However, mobile sportsbooks are still not allowed in the state.

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