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Texas Sports Betting Alliance Confident of Bill Passing in 2023

Texas Sports Betting Alliance Confident of Bill Passing in 2023

The Texas Sports Betting Alliance is a group of betting firms, a former governor, and professional sports franchises in the state. They plan to assist in creating a Texas online sports wagering bill. Also, they hope to introduce the bill during the 2023 legislative session.

The Alliance is confident that the legislation will receive the required votes in the Texas House and Senate to be authorized for inclusion on the November 2023 general election ballot.

According to bookie marketing tutorials and news sites, the bill’s writers in the House and Senate have yet to be identified. The Alliance will release more information about the law at a later date.

Texas Sports Betting Alliance

The proposed legislation will be comparable to Representative Dan Huberty’s online sports betting bill from 2021. Huberty’s measure (HB 2070) tried to legalize Texas online sports betting and set a tax rate of 10% of adjusted gross gaming income.

Based on reports received by poker tutorials experts, the measure authorized Texas professional sports franchises to hold online sports betting licenses and eliminated the need for individuals to register for accounts in person.

The Texas Sports Betting Alliance’s legislation, like Huberty’s, will necessitate an amendment to the Texas constitution. Texas Legislature must authorize it before being placed on the general election ballot in 2023. If Texas voters approve it in the November 2023 election, it will be sent to Gov. Gregg Abbott for his signature before becoming law.

According to a political news forum, fiscal projections for Huberty’s bill would provide almost $180 million in income during its first year of operation. Also, the numbers will grow as sportsbooks become fully operational. In addition, sports betting tax income would have gone to education in Texas.

Huberty’s measure never gained a vote on the House or Senate floor before the 2021 session ended.

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