Despite the lack of live athletic events, Washington State legalizes sportsbook. Governor Jay Inslee signed the legislation that will allow tribal casinos to accept wagers on sports. However, it will take some months before people can wager money on games.

Although sports betting is legal in the state, tribes need to negotiate their agreements with Washington State. Also, they need live sports events to bet on. The signing of the legislation was a quiet one. If it weren’t done during a pandemic, it would have been a significant celebration for Indian tribes and sponsors of the bill.

Legalizing sports betting will give people a new gaming activity that’s safe and supervised by the tribes. He held the signing ceremony in between phone calls and meetings regarding the state government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Washington State Legalizes Sportsbook Business

Washington State Legalizes Sportsbook Industry

The sports betting industry is losing money in the US because of the suspension of professional and college sports. It is not a good time to be an online bookie. The sporting events that players usually bet on are canceled to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Rebecca Kaldor, Washington Indian Gaming Association’s executive director, told bookie pay per head solution providers that they are happy the governor signed the bill into law. However, the nation is facing more pressing issues.

Most casinos in the state are closed to prevent transmission of the virus. Based on political forum reports, casinos are the primary revenue source of tribal governments to fund various programs, including social service, economic development, and education.

Legal sports betting can help tribal governments fund vital services to support their members after the coronavirus crisis. However, Washington State picked a more limited approach to sports betting by not allowing mobile wagering options.

Also, the new law restricts sports betting within the premises of casinos owned by the tribes. The tribes convinced lawmakers that residents of the state didn’t want to expand gamble outside of tribal casinos.

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