Welcome to Liberty Dawghouse. This site came to fruition after years of spending time on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Medium, and other social sites. The constant corruption and censorship has become out of control. Here at Liberty Dawghouse everyone from every political spectrum or religious spectrum will be allowed to speak their mind and the truth will be hashed out. There will be no censorship in the public areas of the site. The site swill be slow until more users get involved. The quicker people sign up the better.

This site will allow people to have their own blogs, groups, social networks, photo/media galleries, and many other options. Private groups can be ran as they see fit unless it is not child porn or something similar. Anything against the law like that will be stopped.

Some of the great features will be forums, private messaging, polls, rewards system, free gift giveaways, chat rooms (coming soon), control over your entire profile and many other things you will find when browsing around.

We have to tell you that we use cookies and give the privacy spiel to meet the new EU GDPR guidelines. The only information we will ever keep, or have from the users other than their emails, is what they put into their profiles. If you sign up for our newsletter your emails will remain in our care, not sold or used in any way to lessen your privacy.

Please bare with us as we build the site. It is not completed yet, but is almost there. The home page will have some changes made to it. Too busy with too many categories. The News Slider will vanish over time and be replaced by a ticker. The sidebar will change as well. WE thought this process would be simpler to do as users register, content grows and recommendations are made. This site will be made with the user in mind.

Please tell your friends and make build your communities here. If you want to contribute, write articles, have a podcast or anything here please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. Writers are especially welcome. Please contact us at admin@libertydawghouse.com with any problems or issues you have as well.


Thank You,



The Liberty Dawghouse Team