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A Loophole Could Help the Passage of Georgia Sports Betting Bill

A Loophole Could Help the Passage of Georgia Sports Betting Bill

Supporters of the Georgia sports betting bill said they found a loophole that can lead to its passage this session. Lawmakers tried to legalize casinos and horse racing in Georgia for years. However, they are focusing on sports betting this year.

An amendment to the state constitution is needed for casino gambling and horse racing to be legalized in Georgia. But, according to bookie pay per head sources, that’s one of the reasons why they have failed.

According to reports, two-thirds of the legislature is needed to pass a constitutional amendment. Then, it would need the support of voters across the state.

Georgia Sports Betting Bill

However, proponents claim that sports betting wouldn’t need a constitutional amendment and could be passed with a simple majority vote in the House and Senate and the governor’s approval.

Supporters of tying sports betting to the Georgia Lottery, which provides funding for the state’s HOPE scholarship and Pre-K programs, point to the fact that voters in Georgia authorized the lottery a generation ago.

Rep. Ron Stephens has speculated that this loophole might make it easier to approve the measure this year.

It’s common to see advertisements for gambling services during sporting events. For example, Bally’s, a gaming empire, has purchased the cable channel that broadcasts Atlanta Braves games.

According to political news coverage, there was a noticeable increase in support for sports betting in 2017. In the state senate, it was successful. But the arguments of lobbyists like Mike Griffin have helped keep it under wraps.

Stephens claims that Georgians bet on sports on foreign sites regardless. Therefore, his position was that the money should remain in Georgia. Also, he added the opposition would likely file litigation if sports betting is approved this session. Therefore, courts are in a position to determine the legitimacy of the potential constitutional amendment workaround.

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