A District of Columbia judge blocks Intralot sports betting contract with the district. As a result, it prevents DC Lottery from using the contractor for its sports betting operations. In fact, the DC Council awarded the contract to Intralot with public bidding.

During that time, supporters of the move said they wanted to avoid delays in launching sports betting in DC. However, Superior Court Judge Joan Zeldon ruled the process was against the Home Rule Act. It requires lawmakers to follow procurement laws.

Dylan Carragher filed the lawsuit to stop the Intralot sports betting contract. He told pay per head service news outlets that he wanted to compete for the contract. In fact, he owns a sports technology business that can handle online sports wagering for DC Lottery.

Intralot Sports Betting Contract

DC Judge Blocks Intralot Sports Betting ContractIn the decision, Judge Zeldon ruled the DC Council’s actions were improper. Also, she said that there will be harm to Carragher and other DC residents If the contract needs to be voided in the future.

The injunction doesn’t allow DC to act on the sports betting contract for the next two weeks. It includes paying Intralot. All parties will be back in the courtroom to start the proceedings for a longer injunction, according to political news sites.

The judge ruled that the Sports Wagering Procurement Practices Reform Exemption Act violated DC’s procurement rules. With the passing of the act, the council put the awarding of the sports betting software contract to a vote.

Although DC Lottery manages sports betting in DC, it is not the only organization allowed to take bets. Under the DC sports betting law, four sports venues can have their own sportsbook. They can set up one within a two-block radius from their location.

In addition, restaurants, bars, and other local businesses outside the radius can apply for a license. The venues can offer mobile betting but mobile wagers can only be accepted within the premises, according to a political forum.

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