It is a sad day for people who still haven’t registered for a sports betting account in Illinois. Governor Pritzker ends mobile sports betting registration. Thus, the only way to sign up for a sportsbook account is by visiting a casino.

During the pandemic, Governor JB Pritzker waived the provision that required players to sign up in person at a state casino before they can bet on sports using mobile apps. According to sportsbook call center services, most players in the state use mobile apps to wager on sports.

Governor Pritzker said that the precaution is no longer required. However, the state is dealing with the third wave of the coronavirus. The sports betting industry is unhappy with the governor’s decision. They said canceling mobile registration would hinder the growth of the sector.

Pritzker Ends Mobile Sports Betting Registration

Governor Pritzker Ends Mobile Sports Betting Registration

Since March 2020, the state’s sports betting industry has got $1.6 billion in bets. Also, the state earned $28 million in taxes. According to a gambling software solution for Asia, the governor allowed mobile sportsbooks to let people sign up for accounts through their phones in June. During that time, the pandemic caused the temporary closure of casinos. The state is also looking for ways to solve its deficit problems.

According to a political forum, the sports betting law allowed casinos to launch their sportsbooks ahead of mobile apps. However, the pandemic made the governor change the policy and allowed mobile betting in the state. The majority of the sports betting handle came from online wagers.

At present, Illinois is at phase four. Also, its vaccination rates are increasing daily. Casinos also reopened if they’re following safety guidelines. Thus, the governor thought that there’s no need for the suspension of the in-person registration.

However, Illinois’ average infection rate increased by two-thirds over the last three weeks. Thus, many people still don’t want to go out to wager on sports.

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