The New York State Legislature legalizes online sports betting. It is part of the state’s revenue bill. Also, a political forum expects Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign the bill as soon as possible. It is landmark legislation that will allow people to bet on sports online.

The state delayed the legalization of sports betting due to limitations within its constitution. However, political analysts said that the new online sports betting law is constitutional. The law allows mobile sports betting within the provisions of the State Constitution.

According to the new law, mobile sports betting in New York should occur at a licensed facility where the server is found. The sports betting legalization process started in 2013 when voters approved an amendment that would allow casino gambling in the state.

NY Legalizes Online Sports Betting

New York Legalizes Online Sports Betting

Before the 2013 constitutional amendment, legal gambling in the state was limited to lotteries and horse races, and Native American tribal lands. Lawmakers used the same amendment to allow sports betting in the state.

In 2019, lawmakers passed a legislature legalizing sports betting in New York. However, it only allowed in-person wagering on sports at a lounged within a casino. Thus, people who want to learn how to open a sportsbook need to be part of a casino. Also, the law prohibited mobile sports wagering.

However, sports betting supporters argued that the 2013 constitutional amendment allowed sports betting as part of casino gambling. Also, it makes online sports betting legal if people do it within an authorized casino.

The 2019 law stated that mobile sports betting operators should place their servers within an authorized physical location within the state. Thus, a person in Manhattan can wager on sports through an app or website if the server is within a licensed casino.

By requiring servers within the state, it prevents intrastate transactions. Thus, the mobile sports betting industry would not have any problems with the Federal Wire Act. However, it is overkill because the Department of Justice stated that online sports betting doesn’t go against the Wire Act. Thus, you need to be connected to a casino if you want to learn how to be a bookie in New York.

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