A group of eight Ohio professional sports teams is supporting the legal sports betting effort. Also, they want to be part of the action. Lawmakers heard testimonies from the teams and other sports betting experts earlier this year.

The lawmakers will use the testimonies to prepare a sports betting legalization proposal. 9DollarPerHead.com sources expect lawmakers to introduce a bill soon. The effort is gaining momentum as more states legalized sports wagering in recent years.

According to bookie pay per head software reports, Ohio lawmakers are looking at how to implement legal sports betting. Various sports betting firms want to offer their services on retail locations and mobile platforms.

Ohio Professional Sports Teams Want Sports Betting

Ohio Professional Sports Teams Support Legal Sports Betting Effort

Professional sports teams want the state government to limit licenses to their franchises and racinos, and casinos. If they get their request, the available licenses will be at 20.

According to a political forum, teams like Cleveland Cavaliers and Cincinnati Reds want their sports betting licenses for online and retail wagering. Also, teams want to put up retail sportsbooks within their stadiums and offer sports gambling online.

The support from pro sports teams surprised some fans, especially those old enough to remember Pete Rose’s permanent ban from the Major League Baseball. The league banned the Cincinnati star because he wagered on games.

Although MLB still doesn’t allow coaches and players from betting on games, teams are more open to sports betting. Some of them even signed sponsorship deals with sportsbook companies. If Ohio teams have their way, fans can watch games and place bets before taking their seats during game days.

Fans watching at home can place wagers through their smartphones. Also, the teams proposed sublicensing their licenses to third-party operators. That will avoid conflicts of interest and ensure the integrity of games.

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