Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Michigan sports betting law that will allow casinos to accept wagers on sports. Also, the legislation paves the way for online gambling in the state. Besides, people in Michigan can take part in fantasy sports betting.

The new legislation amended state laws on Detroit-area casinos and charitable gaming. Supporters of the bills said that the new legislation could bring in millions of new tax revenue to Michigan.

Under the new law, most of the tax revenue from sports betting and online gambling will go into the School Aid Fund, which is used for K-12 schools in the state. Also, the state allots $4 million each year to a fund compensating firefighters who get cancer from exposure to chemicals and smoke while doing their job.

Michigan Sports Betting Law

Governor Signs Michigan Sports Betting Law

Governor Whitmer told a political forum that the bills were a real bipartisan win for Michigan. She credited Senator Curtis Hertel and Representative Rebekah Warren for their work on the legislature.

The governor said that her top priority was the School Aid Fund because students deserve leaders who value their education. She told bookie pay per head news reporters that the new law will put more dollars into classrooms. Also, it will improve the funding for firefighters who have cancer.

Representative Brandt Iden was the lead sponsor of the bills. Also, he has been working on amending state gambling laws for years. He described the passing of the new law like Michigan’s entry into the modern gambling era.

Many casinos in the state will open a sportsbook soon. It will provide a safe environment for people who want to bet on sports. They don’t need to go to other states or play on unregulated offshore sites for sports betting.

The new law will usher in a new industry that will generate more jobs. Also, local communities and schools will benefit from sports betting revenue.

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