Lawmakers are in no rush in approving or rejecting the Kentucky sportsbook legislation. Last January, the House Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations Committee already gave the green light to House Bill 137.

However, HB 137 hasn’t seen any movement after the committee approval. The committee approved the bill when the session has just begun. During that time, lawmakers were full of energy from their break.

It seems like they already ran out of juice because nobody wants to push the legalization of sports betting. Legal sports betting has only a month left before lawmakers go into another break. Even with the support of Governor Andy Beshear, lawmakers are not too eager to make a move before the end of the current session.

Kentucky Sportsbook Legislation

Kentucky Sportsbook Legislation Running Out of Time

The House of Representatives has been in session for more than 40 days. However, they are not close to putting HB 137 into a floor vote. Lawmakers have until April 1 to get the approval this year, according to a political forum.

Once the House approves the bill, there will be a ten-day veto period. However, the governor supports the bill and will not veto the bill. Then, HB 137 will go to the General Assembly, where it will have two days to pass the legislation or respond to vetoes.

Since the session is only until April 15, the lawmakers are more likely to make any moves on the bill for just one day. Lawmakers are already in vacation mode during the last day of the session. Instead of discussing measures or how bookies get money, they will talk about where to go on a vacation with the family. Some might even consider Raymond Cruz in Costa Rica.

Based on bookie PPH reviews and news reports, Representative Adam Koenig is optimistic that his sponsored bill will get the approval. If lawmakers don’t act fast enough, they are to be blamed for the lack of revenue to cover the state’s budget.

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