One of the most discussed bills from this year’s legislative session failed to pass the General Assembly. As a result, Kentucky sports betting needs to wait for another year to become a law in the state. Also, many political forum users were surprised it failed to pass this year even though it had the support of many lawmakers.

Despite clearing through the House last month with bipartisan help, sports wagering regulation didn’t make it over the objective line in the Senate. In a progression of tweets Friday, the bill’s support, Adam Koenig, said it has been a four-year battle for him, and he isn’t surrendering. Another tweet said it simply defers the inescapable, and the issue is stunningly well known.

As per the American Gaming Association, almost 80 percent of Americans support sports wagering.

Kentucky Sports Betting Update

Lawmakers Hopeful Kentucky Sports Betting Passes in Next Year's General Assembly

According to sports betting software reports, Senator Thayer has been scrutinized for not pushing the action. However, Koenig expressed gratitude toward him and different representatives for supporting it.

In the interim, the bill’s faltering was a triumph for the Family Foundation, referring to it as ruthless betting, said a terrible public arrangement harms families and advances destructive addictions.

Eventually, Koenig wrapped up his considerations by saying the action has energy, requesting that allies be positive and valuable while making their voices heard.

There was additionally the issue of clinical marijuana, which kicked the bucket in the Senate after passing the House. However, according to sportsbook pay per head sources, supporters of the bill will invest energy to find more support for it.

Legislators will get back to Frankfort in January for the next meeting, except if Governor Beshear requires a special session before the next session.

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