If state lawmakers have their way, players can wager on Illinois college sports teams. They passed the new Illinois bookie bill last Thursday. Thus, it requires Governor JB Pritzker’s signature to allow bets on in-state college teams.

The ban on Illinois college sports teams annoyed sports fans after the launch of the sports betting industry in the state. According to PPH bookie reports, the state missed earning millions due to excluding in-state college teams.

Under the bill, which passed the state Senate 44-12 and the House 100-11, bets in nearby school groups would need to be put face to face at a club, restricted to wagers on the results of games, not individual exhibitions. According to PPH bookie reports, the in-state boycott will be restored in two years except if officials pass another bill permitting it.

New Illinois Bookie Bill

Lawmakers Pass New Illinois Bookie Bill to Include In-State College Team Games

The boycott was a necessary concession in exchanges for the 2019 betting development that acquainted legitimate games wagering with the state as a method for assuaging authorities at specific colleges who have fervently gone against school betting of any kind.

According to a political forum, those naysayers have been driven by University of Illinois athletic chief Josh Whitman. He told lawmakers before they progressed a prior rendition of the bill throughout the spring authoritative meeting that it would put athletes under exceptional strain — conceivably from their schoolmates in a similar dormitory.

Whitman said that allowing people to wager on in-state college teams could lead to abusive and threatening interactions. Also, he added that those actions are already happening on social media platforms.

Supporting state Rep. Mike Zalewski has said the new arrangements meet a portion of Whitman’s interests midway while permitting the state to profit by wagering dollars that are crossing the lines to Indiana and Iowa — or more terrible, to the underground market. Illinois bettors have effectively bet more than $947 million on non-Illinois school challenges since the authentic business was dispatched in March 2020.

When the new law passes, many people want to learn how to be a bookie in Illinois. In addition, it would bring more betting opportunities and increase sportsbook handle in the state.

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