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North Dakota Tribes Start Process to Legalize Sports Betting

North Dakota Tribes Start Process to Legalize Sports Betting

North Dakota tribes are hopeful that sports betting will be legal in the state in 2023. Governor Doug Burgum supports the move. Also, he will work with the state legislature to discuss the legalization process during next year’s legislative session.

Following the approval of five new gaming agreements for state tribes, Burgum made the announcement. Within the physical confines of the tribal casinos, the gaming compacts, which were due to expire early in the next year, will permit online casino-style gaming and sports betting.

According to a political news forum, Legislative Management has been given 21 days to evaluate the final versions of the gaming compacts before Burgum and the tribe approve them. After that, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) will receive the gaming compacts for final approval.

The compacts will automatically take effect if the DOI does not take action within the allotted 45-day period to accept or reject the papers.

North Dakota Tribes Hoping to Offer Sports Betting in 2023

According to pay per head bookie sources, Burgum opposed an amendment to the gaming compacts that would have allowed for the sale of internet sports betting and casino-style games outside the tribal reservations.

On January 3, 2023, the North Dakota legislature session will get underway. According to Burgum, the body will probably start debating whether to legalize sports betting in the remainder of the state away from tribal grounds. Political decision-makers have till April 28 to agree on sports betting because the session is 80 days long.

As two measures, HB 1295 and HB 1254, were proposed to categorize sports betting as a game of chance and permit sports wagering to be made at any charity gaming institution, the state began examining sports betting in 2019. Both measures would have given the state’s attorney general control over sports betting, but they were not passed.

Hopefully, future North Dakota will offer eSports markets. In addition, they should realize that eSports betting is essential to sportsbook growth.

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