The State Lottery Commission published the Montana sportsbook rules. It showed what players can bet on and what types of wagers are accepted. Also, the Lottery gave hints that sports betting will be available in the state during March Madness.

According to the guideline, the Lottery Commission approved traditional sports bets, such as totals, spreads, and money lines. Also, the commission approved props, futures, and in-game wagers. Prop bets have become more prevalent in recent years and usually bring many actions during significant sporting events, such as the March Madness.

The commission launched Sports Bet Montana in December, and more than 100 businesses already have licenses to offer sports betting. Montana Lottery teams are now installing equipment in licensed retail locations. Also, the Lottery expects betting terminals to be operational by March 9.

Montana Sportsbook Rules

State Lottery Reveals Montana Sportsbook Rules

The release of the sports betting regulations is the first step towards the opening of sportsbooks in the state. Based on bookie pay per head estimates, bookies in Montana will be operational in time of the NCAA basketball tournament.

White label sportsbook reports showed March Madness is one of the most wagered sports events in the United States. In 2020, it will start on March 17. The Lottery hopes they complete the installation of betting terminals before the initial tip-off.

According to a political forum, around 1,400 businesses in Montana can offer sports betting. Firms qualify for a license if they have a current liquor license. After installation of the betting terminals, the commission will train the licensees on how to operate them.

Montana doesn’t have any pro teams. Also, its universities don’t belong in Division I NCAA sports. Once sports betting is live in the state, players can place wagers on all professional and college sports, including boxing, golf, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, and baseball.

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