Lawmakers introduced Nebraska sportsbook proposals and the legalization of other forms of gambling in the stage. However, it drew contrasting reactions during the public legislative hearing held last Monday.

State Senator Justin Wayne is the lead sponsor of the three gambling bills. One bill calls for the legalization of sports betting. Another bill wants to legalize skill games, such as poker and fantasy sports. Lastly, he introduced a bill that calls for a constitutional amendment to legalize gambling approved by the Legislature.

Wayne told sportsbook PPH services providers that Nebraskans are already gambling. They usually go to nearby states, such as Iowa, to gamble. Also, the casino in Carter Lake made gambling accessible to Nebraskans.

Nebraska Sportsbook Proposals

Update on the Public Hearing on Nebraska Sportsbook Proposals

A political forum described Nebraska’s gambling laws as outdated. Also, they are counterproductive. Ninety percent of Nebraskans are 120 miles away from a legal casino. It will take them at least two hours to get to one.

Also, 80 percent of Nebraskans live less than two hours from a casino. They can hop into their cars and gamble their money off-state. However, critics of the gambling bills said that it is a recycled argument used by gambling lobbyists across the nation.

According to people who oppose legal gambling, the argument is weak by saying people go to other states to gamble. Also, national companies are the ones lobbying for legal gambling in different states. Thus, they are pitting states against each other.

Some critics said sports betting plays on players’ emotions. Some people are influenced by their loyalty to bet for a team. Sports fans are biased with their knowledge and don’t know anything about other teams.

However, that’s not true at all. Smart bettors usually look at stats first before placing their bets. Even casual gamblers know when a bet is terrible or not. After the hearing, the committee didn’t take any action on the proposed bills.

You have enough time to learn how to be a bookie in Nebraska. Even if sports betting is not legalized in the state, you can always move to another to start your bookie business.

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