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Washington Gambling Regulator Increases Betting Limit for Cardrooms

Washington Gambling Regulator Increases Betting Limit for Cardrooms

In 1997, Washington legalized cardrooms. They mainly offer drinks and food while providing a venue for social card games. However, the limit for bets was $25. The limit had several increases up to $300 in 2009. According to a political news forum, the Washington gambling regulator will increase the wagering cap to $400.

The gaming authority this week raised the maximum bet allowed in cardrooms from $200 to $400. Since this was the first rise in the cap in over a decade, it represented a significant victory for the state’s businesses.

On Thursday, the Commission overseeing the industry voted on the motion, and the final tally was 3-2 to support raising the maximum bet. The proposal to increase the cardroom wagering limit received support from Commissioners Bud Sizemore, Alicia Levy, and Julia Patterson. During the discussion, Sizemore stated, “I believe it’s compelling that the Legislature intended these local casinos to exist. While Patterson acknowledged that increasing the cap was a challenging issue, he insisted that the state had the rational and legislative power to do so considering the reasons offered by the cardrooms and the opposite side, the Tribal operators.

Washington Gambling Regulator to Increase Betting Limit

According to Bwager sources, it was also met with opposition from tribal operators. They cited language from the regulation of cardrooms that states establishments offering social card games must be mainly involved in selling food or drink for consumption on the premises.

Maverick Gaming, which constructs, owns, and runs casinos, petitioned for a $500 maximum bet in cardrooms last summer. The appeal was made while the cost-of-living issue and inflation rose. The business backed the hike, reasoning that it would help card rooms compete with Tribal casinos that allow greater bets.

Maverick Gaming operates 23 card rooms in the state of Washington now. The All-Star Lanes & Casino in Silverdale, Washington, was the company’s 23rd acquisition as of last month. Maverick Gaming owns and operates most of Washington’s 38 card rooms. However, the recent rise in the wager limit will benefit all these businesses.

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