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How Far will the Government be Allowed to go in Taking Americans Freedoms?

Federal Government is Putting us at Risk and taking freedoms

Federal, State, and Local Government Barney Fife’s are Yanking Rights Away and Citizens are Begging for More

Americans freedoms have been eroding from government overreach since the terrible tragedy of 9/11. The Federal Government was able to enact the Patriot Act shortly after and it was passed by a majority of both of the parties that run America now. The Democrats and the Republicans started taking our rights and used a tragedy to do so.

It is a fallacy to believe what they government tells you is true. The Patriot Act was passed every year in Congress until it was allowed to expire in 2015. Then a more expansive version of the bill was passed and named the USA Freedom Act. The act has nothing to do with freedom. It is all about expanding the powers of the government to spy and control the citizens of this nation.

Anyone who comes out against the unconstitutional spying and other tyrannical actions performed by the government are persecuted and jailed, if they can be brought back to the US. Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are the two most famous, but definitely not the only ones. Snowden gave proof to the US citizens. He didn’t commit treason as he didn’t give any information to the enemy. Well unless the US Government thinks of the citizens of this nation the enemy. I will not go into Julian Assange since he is not a US citizen. But he should be hailed a hero as well. All three of these people risk their lives and freedoms to alert the US populace of the despicable things the government was doing.

What makes it worse is the top Democratic nominee for President of the United States in the 2020 election was the author of the Patriot Act. That was way back in 1994. That is how long the government has been waiting to take freedoms away from the people they are supposed to be in office to represent. They were just waiting on the right tragedy. They got it on September 11, 2001.

The Patriot Act was bad enough and allowed the government, and the President, basically any power they wanted as long as it was in the name of fighting “Terrorism”. The President had the free reign to bomb any nation they wanted for anything. Just blame it on terrorism. The US has been at war in the Middle East ever since. It really started back in 1990 with the Iraqi War and Desert Storm.

Police No Longer “Protect and Serve”, They are Government Henchmen

Then to make matters worse the Supreme Court Ruled that the police officers who are hired to “Protect and Serve” do not have to do that at all. They are hired to enforce laws. SCOTUS ruled that they didn’t even have to enforce restraining orders.

Then let’s fast forward to 2011 when Congress was on recess for Christmas Break, Obama slipped in a new provision into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This is a rubber stamp vote every year as it allows the government to fund the military, port security and other organizations that keep the country and borders safe. This new provision allowed for the indefinite detention of US citizens without habeas corpus. The government could detain them for as long as they deemed necessary. Rand Paul and other politicians tried to repeal the act when congress resumed but to no avail.

Government Shuts Down the Economy, Bankrupts Businesses and People Because of Coronavirus

Fast Forward to the Coronavirus of 2020. This is a virus that is nowhere near as deadly as the regular flu, Swine Flu, H1N1, and other viruses over the last 30 years. None of those things called for this mass hysteria and calling for people to stay in doors, ordering businesses to shut down. The Federal government led the way with recommendations and the State and local governments kept on expanding the shutdowns.

Trump wants the Federal Government to take equity stake in companies that take stimulus loans, he has activated the National Guard to be used by the alphabet agencies who are already shredding the US Constitution on a daily basis. I wrote in my last article about the US government putting up a national surveillance system as well.

43% of small business said in a recent poll said if they didn’t open within the next month they would have to close down for good. They don’t have time to wait for federal funds to get to them. Employees can’t make money, can’t pay bills, and can’t feed their families.

Most State governments have put their people under “Shelter in Place lockdowns”. Some are worse than others, but most allow people to go outside to exercise, go the store, doctors appointments and other necessities. Local governments have taken it way too far. Closing down local and State Parks, beaches and other areas.

They have been locking surfers up for riding the waves by themselves. The cops broke the 6′ social distancing rule when they locked this young man up. Potentially putting him at risk for the coronavirus. A woman in Pennsylvania was locked up for driving in the country in her car. All by herself. She was miles from anyone else. She just wanted to clear her mind.

These are just two examples of things going on across this nation that was put in a panicked stupor by irrational thinking and heavy handed Barney Fife’s in control of local governments. They are claiming if they “Nip it in the Bud” things will not get worse. They are badly mistaken and just buckling to pressure of the media, politicians, and citizens who are indoctrinated and believe everything the government and television tells them. They can’t look at things logically and go from A to B to C. They go from A to C with no rhyme or reason.

I have been scouring all over Facebook and other social media in the Coronavirus groups and local groups and the people that are in those things are outright scary. They are begging for gestapo type legislation and a hard crackdown by government. People shouldn’t be able to leave the house to do anything. They are bitching cars are on the road, stores have more than a few people in them. Restaurants are open, liquor stores are open. There are even people bitching that the beaches are open. People yapping that the beaches are what caused the coronavirus spread in Florida last month. The beaches are not always that crowded folks.

These people are so indoctrinated and can’t think for themselves. Beaches didn’t cause the spread of anything. Hundreds of thousands of teenagers on spring break is what spread the virus. The Beach is an inanimate object and can’t spread a thing. They want people locked up and the key thrown away for leaving their homes. These people blame the virus for the economic collapse. The government caused this collapse. Not the virus.

Go and check out these groups and read it for yourself. I don’t want to post any and put someone’s information out there without their permission, but the proof is everywhere. If you go and read these profiles they are people that have a lot of money and are stable financially. You can tell by their jobs, cars they drive, etc. They only care about themselves. Not how others have to work and make a living. They could care less. Well listen here folks. If you don’t want to get out of the house, then don’t. Don’t force your beliefs on anyone else.

Local county commissioners here in North Georgia have petitioned the governor to close all State Parks to keep people from exercising and having a little freedom. It is time for the people to revolt against these actions. Enough is enough.

Barney Fife was right. It is time to “Nip it in the Bud”. It is time for the people to take back their freedoms and tell Barney to take his one bullet out of his revolver and put it back in his pocket. Remember every right that is taken away you will never get back. Every license is a freedom stolen that is sold back to you. The Coronavirus didn’t cause these tyrannical responses being implemented all over this nation. Government overreach did.

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